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London-born, Melbourne-based musician Alison Ferrier is a prolific songwriter, talented guitarist and an active player in Melbourne’s vibrant music scene. Ferrier’s voice is unadorned and inviting, singing songs of nostalgia and the human condition, with observations on the universal emotions of everyday life.


She has performed for audiences at Port Fairy and Woodford Folk Festivals as well as numerous venues along the east coast. Her third studio album 'What She Knows' is an evocative and emotive slice of folk, country, blues and rock 'n' roll and has established Ferrier as a force to be reckoned with.

Ferrier's latest project is experimental band High Ace with husband Jeff Lang. As a wife and husband team, the project is imbibed with a rare synergy and they quickly stumbled upon a unique and almost magical song-writing method: deciphering strange incantations played in reverse, and what the unusual, twisting cadences of those vocalisations were telling them. They imparted strange tales of rattling drums and poisoned hemlocks.

Opelousas is Ferrier's trio with the legendary Kerri Simpson and Anthony Shortte. A distillation of Melbourne's finest, Opelousas draw inspiration from their friends and contemporaries. The legendary Simpson's New Orleans pedigree and Shorty as the back beat and bedrock of the original Collards Greens and Gravy, this powerhouse plays pulsating rhythms from the belly of the blues.


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